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Retrofit LED service

We are quite unique in our ability to manufacture retrofit trays with minimum fuss.  Our service requires a site visit on which we perform an inspection of the fitting(s), taking onsite measurements and then return it to a fully working state. No downtime will be incurred at all.  We then go away and work our magic, matching the light output to the original creating your bespoke tray(s).  If the quantity is quite large then we would look at a sample first to make sure all parties are happy.  


First - Arrange a site visit

We then attend, take measurements and leave the fitting fully operational, no downtime will be incurred.


Second - We work our magic

Light output calculations are made. LED boards are matched and we sprinkle a little bit of fairy dust.


Third - Trays are ready

We are happy to attend site once delivery has been completed to check fitment and light levels and adjust if required

Why waste money...

Sometimes your existing housings are still perfectly fine. Retrofitting in to them with a new LED tray is not only the most cost effective solution but also causes minimum disruption.  Fitting a new tray can take as little as 20 minutes per fitting.

Energy saving...

Upgrading to LED lighting could save you over 80% on your energy bills. You also get the benefits of zero maintenance for many years both saving extra time and money.