Safe & secure lighting
Utilising the latest LED advancements
Innovation with partnership
New and retrofit products available
We can manufacture retrofit trays for most products
Carbon footprint
Switching to LED lighting reduces your energy usage

Industrial Controls Systems Ltd have the manufacturing facilities to provide you with a full one stop shop solution.  From the initial concept all the way through to the final product we are able to help.  We have experience in all fields from mechanical, electrical, pneumatics. From PCB design to injection moulding, we do it all.  

Our products range covers all custody lighting requirements and had been designed to comply with the latest guidance set out by the National Police Estates Group (NPEG).  This includes strip lights, bulkhead lights, recessed lights, cell lighting, holding cell lighting, exercise yard and corridor lighting. 

Choosing the right product

Suitable for installation in low-risk areas. Whilst these fittings still have a robust nature they are not impact or ligature resisting. These are most suited for general office / public side applications. Not for any area where a detained person has access.

Suitable for installation in medium-risk areas. Fully impact-resistant, strong and secure. These fittings are not classed as ligature resisting but will not break under impact. They do not require anti-pick mastic applying. Ideal for corridors, areas and rooms where the detained person will not be left alone.

Suitable for installation in high-risk areas where the detained person will be left alone like a Police Cell, Holding Cell and Exercise yard.  High impact and Ligature resisting. Still maintainable once anti-pick mastic has been applied.