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ToughLITE is an exciting new comprehensive tough, robust, secure anti-ligature, anti-vandal lighting product range from Industrial Control Systems Limited for custody, police, prison cells, and high-security environments.  Developed from years of experience working in the custodial security sector. ICS Ltd is able to deliver products to the standards and specifications set out within the Home Office and the Police Custody Design Guide 2019 which, with guidance from the National Police Estates Group, we believe offers you the assurance that our products are reliable and robust meeting all the demands of a specialist setting. 

ToughLITE Police Cell Light

We are proud to include the latest advancements in LED and also innovative technology options designed and currently only offered by ourselves. Suitable for installation for Police Stations, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts, Prisons, HM Armed Forces, Custom and Excise. We can also provide tough, robust lighting for bus and train stations, public walkways and bridges, in fact any buildings that require secure and robust lighting. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions.


View the ToughLITE Cell Lighting vandal resistant product range. We are continually developing new and exciting products to complement our current portfolio of safe and secure lighting.

Retrofit Lighting

We are able to manufacture easy to fit replacement light trays for most types of fittings. We will be more than happy to advise on the best options available.

Free Light Survey

ToughLITE are currently offering FREE onsite surveys after which you will receive a comprehensive energy saving / payback period report.

Automatically updates, tough, robust, secure anti-ligature, anti-vandal clock. Can be networked or standalone. Controlled via remote, phone, or PC.  Ideal for tough environments.

Overdoor sign indicator.  Can be vertical or horizontally mounted.  Can be provided in single or multicolour LED.  Example signs are Engaged, Lockdown, Open, Closed, Exit etc.. 

Designed for Vulnerable cells. Being able to give the client a choice of what coloured lighting can make a huge difference and avoid undue suffering or discomfort, autistic friendly. Currently being trialed at Nottingham and Durham Police Custody the initial feedback is superb.  Please get in touch for more information.